[sword-devel] lucene indexing failing on some modules

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri May 9 21:38:29 MST 2008

Steven P. Ulrick wrote:
> I will be more than glad to test the BosworthToller module if you can
> help me with the following:
> 1. If I really do need Sword 1.5.11 to use this module, how do I get if
> if the most recent version in SVN is 1.5.10?

BosworthToller does require 1.5.11 in that it requires TEI filters that 
haven't even been written yet. I did the TEI to RTF filter for BibleCS, 
but haven't gotten around to doing anything for the HTML-oriented frontends.

A method for ignoring the minimum version should be added to the 
BibleTime module installer if it's not there already. Without the 
filter, BosworthToller and the other TEI dictionaries should still work, 
but they won't have anything other than plain text (no text decoration, 
paragraphic, linking, etc.).


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