[sword-devel] lucene indexing failing on some modules

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri May 9 11:12:14 MST 2008

I have found that indexing is not working on some modules, including
some of my home-grown ones, but also a few Crosswire-distributed ones.
Case in point, BosworthToller.  This was first noticed from integrated
support in GS, but use of mkfastmod on its own shows similar problems.
In 15min wall clock time, mkfastmod grew to 126M and used 13:20 CPU
without completing, or generating anything in the lucene subdir in the
module's tree.

17210 karl      20   0  126m 109m 2000 R   91  5.4  13:19.59 mkfastmod

I would appreciate if others could give it a try.  Most modules index
without incident; but BosworthToller is an instance of an official
module which fails, along with a couple of my own.

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