[sword-devel] osis2mod complains about mid-verse <lg>

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Fri May 9 10:49:17 MST 2008

Hello All,

I couldn't find this addressed on the wiki page or in the archives: It seems osis2mod does not like the case where an <lg> starts in the middle of a verse.

Here is an OSIS encoding of Mark 6:6-7: 

		<verse sID="Mark.7.6" osisID="Mark.7.6"/>He replied, "Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: <l type="x-br"/><lg><l>" 'These people honor me with their mouths, </l><l type="x-indent">but their hearts are far from me. </l><verse eID="Mark.7.6"/>

		<verse sID="Mark.7.7" osisID="Mark.7.7"/><l>They worship me in vain; </l><l type="x-indent">their teachings are nothing but man-made rules.'<note type="crossReference">Isaiah 29:13</note> </l><verse eID="Mark.7.7"/></lg>

The poetic section starts in the middle of verse 6, so that's where I put the opening <lg>. Previously, I had used the milestoned <lg/> at the beginning and end, but I wanted to start moving away from milestoned tags. As I understand OSIS, as long as <verse> and <chapter> are milestoned, using the container forms of <p> and <lg> in a non-overlapping way should work fine. 

But osis2mod complains that verse 6 is not well-formed. Verse 7 is accepted as long as </lg> is outside the verse tag. When I look at the output in the frontends, BibleCS still puts the linebreaks where they should be, but BibleDesktop gets confused and loses all the linebreaks and even the cross-reference. Do I have to be stuck using the milestoned version of <lg> for this case? I kind of suspect the same thing would happen for <p></p>.

I'm using osis2mod rev. 2090.




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