[sword-devel] SWORD 1.5.11 / CD ISO

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 13:14:13 MST 2008

Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
> Praise God, I finished my last bit of work for my school!

Congratulations!!! Whoo!!!! Hoo!!!

> I'm hoping to wrap up a slightly overdue SWORD 1.5.11 in the next week 
> or so, and then have CD ISOs mastered, burned, and ready by May 15.

I'd like to update the ISO with the next release of BD. I can be ready 
by then.

> This may sound like an aggressive schedule, but we're late and I'm done 
> with school, so let's be aggressive!
> Any items that anyone BADLY wants addressed for SWORD 1.5.11?  I'll look 
> at http://crosswire.org/bugs/ but wanted to hear loud cries if anything 
> is obviously more important to anyone.
I'd like the NASB work to be reviewed and approved for 1.5.11.

I've got the NAS Bible and Greek and Hebrew lexicons ready for Lockman, 
but I'd really like someone review them in SWORD for Windows to see if 
there are any changes that need to be made to SWORD or to the modules.

Because of the private nature of these modules, I can only let active 
lead developers have them.

The lexicons are in TEI and work just fine in BibleCS, but they don't 
look good.

I have posted these to the lead developers of the front-ends, but have 
gotten response only from Karl for GnomeSword.

In Him,

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