[sword-devel] Announcing FireBible 0.5.1 - GPLed Firefox font-end

Brian Fernandes infernalproteus at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 14:07:44 MST 2008


peter wrote:
> Couple of points:
> 1) I am seriously impressed. Installation on Ubuntu was a doodle -
> installed the extension and advised it where to find jsword and modules

Great! Thank you very much. I'm also happy to hear that there are Linux 
installations on which it works out of the box.

> 2) re module location - is this really necessary - it seems to me that
> a) jword is very good in identifying where the modules are (or is the
> BD?) and
> b) educated guessing should be 99% successful (/usr/share/sword and
> ~/.sword are normal on Linux while C://Program Files/Crosswire/The Sword
> Project/ and C://User and Settings/$user/.sword on Windows is usually
> correct.
I should clarify, that field is for *extra* module locations. JSword 
does all the heavy lifting and picks up all modules in ~/.sword 
automatically without any additional configuration, on both Win and 
Linux. This preference is for any additional directories you may have. 
I'll try to make it more explicit in the documentation and the UI, good 

> 3) It worked with all modules I had, including RtoL ones. So that is
> pretty good.

I remember you asking for this way back in December, glad it's meeting 
those expectations :)

Speaking of RtoL, is the display fine? Would you rather have the notes 
displayed on the right instead of the left? Or should that be a preference?

 > I switched off Page Style and then switched it on again. As a result
 > the comments column on Genesis 1 in the WLC changed sides and became
 >nearly unreadable as it is now one word per line.

I replicated a similar issue on Windows too. Up front it *seems* to be a 
Firefox issue since FireBible is not in the loop when the styles are 
turned on and off, that's just Firefox dealing with HTML and CSS. On the 
other hand, nothing happens to some pretty complex sites out there so 
perhaps there is a problem in HTML / CSS generated which is causing 
this. I'll try and track this down.

Do keep the feedback and bug reports coming. Next up would be support 
for more module types and some display preferences.


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