[sword-devel] Announcing FireBible 0.5.1 - GPLed Firefox font-end

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Mar 30 13:07:51 MST 2008

Couple of points:

1) I am seriously impressed. Installation on Ubuntu was a doodle -
installed the extension and advised it where to find jsword and modules

2) re module location - is this really necessary - it seems to me that
a) jword is very good in identifying where the modules are (or is the
BD?) and
b) educated guessing should be 99% successful (/usr/share/sword and
~/.sword are normal on Linux while C://Program Files/Crosswire/The Sword
Project/ and C://User and Settings/$user/.sword on Windows is usually

3) It worked with all modules I had, including RtoL ones. So that is
pretty good.


Brian Fernandes wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> The last time I wrote to this list about my Firefox front end, it was 
> way back in November 07. It has been a long journey since with a ton of 
> fundamental issues to deal with, but I believe I finally have something 
> worth releasing.
> I'm calling it FireBible (I know not really creative; another unrelated 
> Firefox extension I write is called DataFox... :) )
> You can get FireBible 0.5.1 here - http://thegoan.com/firebible
> FireBible is based on JSword, since JSword is both cross platform and 
> easy to integrate with Firefox. You need to download and install JSword 
> separately, I have tested / developed this with JSword 1.0.7. FireBible 
> should work with Firefox 1.5 - 3.0 (including all the 3.0 betas).
> The installation process is probably a tad too complex for people not 
> used to anything other than double click installers, especially because 
> of the separate JSword download; but that makes the difference between a 
> download 2.6MB or a mere 60KB which is how big the extension actually 
> is. I'd like to make it simpler in the future, with perhaps an all 
> inclusive download later.
> I've tried to keep scope down by supporting only Bible text modules for 
> now, but can expand to support all modules rather quickly, depending on 
> feedback received. Since most of the fundamental issues have been dealt 
> with, I should now be able to concentrate on feature additions.
> FireBible does not have an interface for module management, nor does it 
> have any display preferences yet, but these are the easier bits to 
> handle. I did add search and indexing capabilities though, so you can 
> search installed modules.
> The site should explain everything. I would really appreciate any 
> critique and suggestions you may have on everything ranging from the 
> site and the installation procedure to the actual extension itself.
> DM Smith, especially looking for critique from you; would this be the 
> first non BibleDeskto use of JSword?
> Best regards,
> Brian.
> P.S. Minor bandwidth shortages at my host are currently being attended 
> to, if the site is not responding, please try again at a later time.
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