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Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Mar 27 00:46:43 MST 2008

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Trevor Jenkins wrote:
> First comment is that Steve DeRose is confusing paraphrase with idiomatic
> translation

This comment applies to a number of translations.  I especially note the 
TEV, which is not a paraphrase, but one of the most reliable modern 

Troy - did you intend discussion of this item to take place here, or had 
you intended that we submit comments directly to Steve?

My initial comments: TEV and NRSV - both available in 66 book 
versification, Catholic versification and 66 book + Apocrypha.  This 
does not warrant the note 'Catholic' against that versification as the 
translation is the same: it is just the versification that is altered. 
Both the above translations are recognised as 'reliable' as they are the 
result of a translation team drawn from each of the major traditions 
including Evangelical, Liberal and Catholic.

NIV - this should be listed as 'Evangelical'.  Many scholars have 
concerns about the bias of this translation as the NIV translation team 
is drawn entirely from the Evangelical tradition and includes no 
Catholic or Liberal input as far as I am aware.

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