[sword-devel] World English Bible typos?

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Sun Mar 23 05:33:40 MST 2008

Chris Little <chrislit at crosswire.org> writes:
> There's a lot of code between the text and the frontends, so it's not
> necessarily in the text.

It's in the text.  mod2imp easily shows it.

In email I sent to bugs at crosswire.org on 15 Jan 2007, I started with
this in a report about a whole herd of module problems:

| 1. WEB has problems with missing spaces throughout the text.  These
| are from just brief perusal through a couple chapters in Romans:

| rom  1:7   JesusChrist
| rom  1:17  byfaith
| rom 14:14  beunclean
| rom 14:23  therevelation  forobedience
| rom 15:3   Psalm69:9 (no space; not xref'd)
| rom 15:8   tothe
| rom 15:16  theGentiles
| rom 15:18  wordand
| rom 15:24  iffirst
| rom 15:26  atJerusalem
| rom 15:27  spiritualthings
| rom 15:30  yourprayers
| rom 15:31  acceptableto

| It's everywhere.  This is SwordVersionDate=2006-10-30, v1.6 (latest).

In April, there was briefly a v1.7 of WEB (and HNV) but they were pulled
from the beta repo after many other problems were found.

27 Apr 2007:
| The new WEB is using '\222' as an apostrophe.  In GnomeSword, this
| displays as '?' and in WinSword/BibleCS, it simply disappears.
| See e.g. 2Peter 2:3-5,11,14,16 for "doesn't", "didn't", "man's".

29 Apr 2007:
| I know WEB was deleted from availability for now, but be aware that
| Titus is missing entirely from it, as first seen from GS failing to
| display it, and then mod2imp proving to me that it's just not there.

24 Jun 2007:
Joshua David wrote:
>> On my operating system some of the words seem run together, and the
>> words of Christ in red seems a bit messed up. (e.g. John 1:39)

| Kahunapule Michael Johnson <kahunapule at mpj.cx> writes:
| > This is a problem with The Sword Project engine used by Gnomesword.

| No, the code is fine; the problem is within the WEB module itself
| (v1.6), as the module raw-dump tools (e.g. "mod2imp WEB") will show.
| A fix to this problem was made and the new module (v1.7) was in the
| beta area briefly, but further problems were found and 1.7 was
| withdrawn from beta, pending a more comprehensive fix.

| Oh, the John 1:39 cite is interesting.  The red letter portion does
| indeed extend too far, in both 1.6 and 1.7.


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