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peter refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Mar 23 04:04:55 MST 2008

Looking at the KML files distributed by Openbible.info (under a free
licence) - these contain all info one ever would want.

The coordinates work in Googlemaps flawlessly as soon as one appends

12:8&lt;/a&gt;, &lt;a

search in googlemaps for E35.261226, N31.916978 and you end up in Ai.

So a genbook or dictionary or whatever made out of this data should be a
fairly straight forward matter as such - but for the fact that currently
none of the interfaces will currently load images etc from the internet.


Jonathan Morgan wrote:
> Note that I am CC'ing sword-devel on this.  I suspect that that would
> be a better place to discuss this.
> On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 10:38 AM, Brent Coffey <bcoffe at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>  Well I checked out the web bible mapping web site and the ccel web site.
>> The bible mapping site is similar to what I'm thinking but far far simpler
>> than what I was imagining.  But could be a valid way of starting...just mark
>> known locations from verses that mention a location. I think I know how to
>> do the GUI, conceptually at least.  A really slick tool might be to do like
>> a flash/flex front-end instead of using swing or any of the other standard
>> java toolkits.  But that would get away from the free tools.  Then again
>> using SWT or even Apples JVM can make so pretty nice GUI's, IMO.
>>  I figured it may not be so bad to pull in map data from the java WorldWind
>> project (NASA project, like google). But yes it is defiantly ambitious and I
>> have no idea how much I want or am willing to invest in the effort.  Just
>> kicking some more "unique" ideas around.   Would be nice if BibleDesktop
>> could out shine logos, then maybe Logos would open up their Libronix format
>> which I believe is a closed standard? Would be great if any piece of
>> software commercial or open source could read Libronix files.  The price of
>> logos is so high and with no major commercial  competition it seems like it
>> is not as innovative as it could be.
>>  But it does seem to me that the real challenge and the most useful thing is
>> the idea of "tagging" meta data to books, chapters, verses, words, or
>> phrases.  This technology would be foundational to doing any of the mapping
>> ideas as well as a host of other things it seems.  Where would I start to
>> even get requirements for such a huge undertaking?  I checked out CCEL but I
>> didn't see anything that jumped out for annotations?  Perhaps I missed
>> something?
> If you are interested in getting location data, have a look at
> http://www.openbible.info/.
> A few things that are worth considering:
> 1. Generic and Useful are not necessarily connected.  The mere fact
> that I can attach arbitrary information to verses doesn't mean that
> that information will be easy to use afterwards.  A format specific to
> something like maps may be easier to implement and use.
> 2. A distinction would need to be made between making an annotation to
> a particular version of the Bible and making an annotation to a
> particular verse in any Bible (for example, I don't really want to tie
> map locations to a particular Bible, but I do want to tie them to a
> particular verse or verse range - which may not be present in all
> Bibles).
> 3. How are you planning for annotations to be distributed?  For
> example, your Bible maps annotations should not be version specific,
> and as such shouldn't be distributed with a version, so they must be
> installed in some other way (either automatically or explicitly).
> 4. Are you also wishing to annotate dictionaries, commentaries,
> GenBooks and so on, or just Bibles?
> Jon
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