[sword-devel] LocaleMgr question

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Fri Mar 21 08:17:04 MST 2008


There is a problem with loading the correct locale in MacSword. This  
is how it is done:
(I need to point out that MacSword has the "locale.d" folder with all  
available locales in the Application bundle, means it is part of the  
application and it is not using the default locales in ~/.sword.)

1. getting the default system localemgr
2. checking the supported languages by the OS and looping over  
available locales in locale.d (in the bundle) until one is found. utf8  
is prefered if exists.
3. setting a found locale with setDefaultLocaleName(<locale name>)

However this doesn't work.

If I do a getLocale(<locale name>) NULL is returned.
I think that probably is why the default system localemgr is not  
looking at the locale.d folder of the bundle and thus can't find the  
How can localemgr be forced to use the locale file in the bundle?

Another question is which string encoding is prefered for <locale name>?


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