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Em 2008/03/18, às 06:45, sword-devel-request  crosswire.org escreveu:

>>> I noticed today (and it was talked about here) that the MacSword
>>> website still has an old version of MacSword (1.2.1.) while I  
>>> already
>>> have 1.3.1b1 installed. I can't seem to find an up-to-date  
>>> version on
>>> the web. Where should I direct someone that wants to download
>>> MacSword? Is there another URL?
>>> It's on SourceForge. The MacSword site is dead for all practical
>>> purposes.
>> Why not have the SF-provided MacSword website be the new main portal
>> if there are issues getting ahold of the maintainer of the website?
>> Whoever had administrative access over the SF project also has access
>> to the macsword.sourceforge.com site.
> That's true.
> The SF web space would be fully sufficient as the main portal.
> And it would be in public hands. There must not be necessarily a
> macsword.com domain, the SF one would be enough IMO.
> But I'm not a web developer at least for when it comes to design.
> For a start we maybe could use the old website and just copy it over
> there and update it.
> Manfred

About macsword.org domain, I think you could use it anyway, but you  
could ask the maintainer of the site to just make it a redirect to  
the SF site.

Another thing is that the Crosswire.org site still has the link to  
MacSword.org. If you're just using the SF site, it's a good idea to  
change the link in Crosswire.org.

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