[sword-devel] Flex/AIR

Nathan Youngman junkmail at nathany.com
Sun Mar 16 19:36:51 MST 2008

I thought I'd bring up a series of 3 articles by Larosa Johnson of  
especially since the Sword project came up a few times in the comments:

The Ultimate Bible Software Application

Adobe AIR was mentioned for a cross platform solution that could also  
run on the web.
Flex apps like Buzzword and Saffron make it clear to me that a very  
nice application is possible,
across Windows, Macintosh, Linux and with some limitations, the web.

Of course re-implementing the functionality of Sword in ActionScript 3  
would be a lot of work,
and the single-threaded limitation makes it challenging to maintain  
responsiveness while
searching. One the other hand, AS3 is a fairly nice very high-level  
language, and the Flex SDK
is free, so cost need not hinder development.

Just wondering if anyone has considered this before or done any work  
towards this end?

Nathan Youngman
Email: nj at nathany dot com
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