[sword-devel] WLC sword module with Strong's?

DavidTroidl at aol.com DavidTroidl at aol.com
Wed Mar 12 04:03:57 MST 2008

Hi Joshua,
We just had a little exchange on the list about updating the Hebrew  Strong's 
module, with some very valuable results.  I'm beginning work  now.
As far as a WLC with Strong's numbers, it is in the back of my mind.   In 
updating my Hebrew Dictionary program, I would like to make an interface to  
accommodate this.
As for now, a quick look revealed a BHS with Strong's for the Palm  OS.  I 
don't have a Palm OS, and I'm not immediately familiar with setting  up a VM for 
it, but the file is a PDB, if you could make something of that: 
_http://www.grahamnind.dsl.pipex.com/files/_ (http://www.grahamnind.dsl.pipex.com/files/) 
There is also a page relating information in the opposite direction, from  
SWORD to Palm, at _http://www.grahamnind.dsl.pipex.com/files/_ 
Hope this helps.  And if you make any progress, let us know.  



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