[sword-devel] Volunteering myself

Zoltan V. Laszlo zrlaszlo at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 02:41:08 MST 2008

Dear Sword,
I would like to contribute to the project.
My abilities:
- I speak and write fluently three languages: hungarian, romanian and english; with experience in translating from any to any of the three languages mentioned;
- I am an advanced computer user, having experience especially in DTP and word processing;
- I have a BA in theology.

I would like to be useful for the project with what I have. For the beginning I would like to review one of the Bibles you offer, the hungarian new translation. The text is mostly OK (not considering minor spelling errors, that may alter searching), the problem is with the cross references, that in most cases do not work (the popup window is nowhere when hovering the mouse over a cross reference), sometimes only part of the crossreference is a link, etc. I would like to have access to the utility to edit the text.

If you have any other suggestions, they are welcome.

God bless,
Zoltan V. Laszlo

P. S. I was not able to download anything from the alpha tester page. No zips, no exes, no nothing. However, I am able to download from any other page - it is not a browser or firewall issue.

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