[sword-devel] Wikipedia AfD

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Mar 10 22:52:58 MST 2008

BTW--semi-OT here, but what makes us seem publicity shy or reticent? I 
suppose we haven't tried to make The SWORD Project (the API) or 
CrossWire the story, since those are on the developers' side of things. 
But I think we're happy to have publicity for BT, BD, GS, MacSword, 'The 
SWORD Project for Windows', etc. And we even do plenty of publicity for 
the API and CrossWire itself to the organizations for whom those should 
be significant (Bible societies, publishers, other software vendors, 
etc.) via conferences, trade shows, consults, etc.

I'm a little worried at Wikipedia permitting people to endanger articles 
who clearly are not sufficiently familiar with WP guidelines and, what's 
worse, are just not good at research. Then again, I suppose these kinds 
of standards are why one ought not trust Wikipedia as a real source. *shrug*


jonathon wrote:
> Chris wrote:
>>  > * The CrossWire Bible Society;
>>  [EDIT: big C, big W]
> I forgot it used camelcase.
>>  I actually think this article should probably be merged with The SWORD
>>  Project's article. (Or rather, should redirect to it.)
> Merge/redirects for the sword Project front ends would be my choice.
> xan
> jonathon
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