[sword-devel] iPhone SDK

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Thu Mar 6 19:13:47 MST 2008

On Mar 6, 2008, at 5:49 PM, Greg Hellings wrote:

> Another interesting option might be for someone to work with making
> the Sword Web project have an iPhone-happy interface.  Until we know
> more about what Apple will allow for loading files, etc, into the
> iPhone itself, there's no telling what limitations might be for the
> iPhone applications to have Bible modules installed locally.  However,
> we already know that Safari 3 on the iPhone is available.  The Sword
> Web already usable from the iPhone (I've done it on my buddy's iPhone)
> but it could suffer from the various UI improvements, etc, which are
> also part of the iPhone Developer's Center.  Mainly these have to do
> with increasing the size of the widgets used on the page and other
> similar updates to the layout, etc, that are basic no-brainers for
> mobile-platform users.

I looked into doing that this week, after I got the iPod Touch. I  
don't have time right now, but I've been contemplating this route  
instead of a thick client.


Jon Brisbin

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