[sword-devel] Silly request

Jan Knepper jan at knepper.net
Sat Mar 1 14:16:51 MST 2008

Do not think a request for prayer ever would be silly... I do believe 
that in our sins and in our inherited sinful nature we are incapable of 
praying or praying for what we truly need to serve the Lord, but do have 
our Saviour Jesus Christ who prays for us 24/7.

I think and probably everybody on this list has the same 
feeling/experience that some way some how we all have our weaknesses. I 
for one have hoped for years to create a Bible program. I finally made a 
start somewhere last year: www.wxsword.org but shortly after indeed the 
demanding work came back and I have not been able to extend it much in 
the last couple of months. I have never been addicted to computer games 
except maybe for one of the very early versions of Sim-City. When I 
realized I wasted a better part of a Saturday playing the game I got rid 
of it. The only other thing that could be considered a game is a flight 
simulator which I have several of, but do not run them enough as I use 
them to learn to fly. So I do not use them as a game, but as a learning 
tool. However, I think anyone who looks back in their live will 
recognize things that could be called addiction, could be called waste, 
could be called "fill in the blanks" and probably everybody has things 
going on today that they have issue's with. For that reason it is good 
to pray for family, friends, church members, church members of other 
Bible believing churches, church members of no so Bible believing 
churches, members in other "religions" (although I have issue's with 
calling Christianity a religion as-is and placing it in the same rank 
with "other religions"), members of other organizations and so 
effectively everybody in this world.

So... let's in general try to pray for all of us and let people that 
have worries/concerns on their heart that they would like to share feel 
empowered to do so. After all, I consider it quite possible that there 
are (formal) alcoholics, (formal) sex-aholics, (formal) substance 
abusers, etc on this list. I know this list is not the place for 
personal help, but I do not think any of us would deny or reject a cry 
for help.

Thank the Lord for the work that goes on here and for everybody involved.
God bless!
Jan Knepper

David Trotz wrote:
> Guys,
> I could use some prayer. Its not the end of the world or anything. I 
> just need prayer to gain focus on my work on the SwordReader stuff I was 
> working on earlier this month. I had a crazy couple of weeks at work 
> catching up from being sick and I just didn't feel up to looking at more 
> source code after long hours at work. So that led me back into gaming 
> which led me to purchase a new game (Europa Universalis 3) which is 
> highly addictive and well now I am really unmotivated. I have a lot 
> invested into SwordReader so far and cannot see myself just giving up on 
> it. So I decided to ask you guys to lift that up in hopes that I get 
> back into the swing of things.
> In Christ,
> David Trotz
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