[sword-devel] usfm2osis.pl

Adrian Korten adrian_korten at sil.org
Mon Jun 30 00:08:31 MST 2008

Good day,

I'm a newbie with OSIS. Could someone say why you would prefer one over 
the other? Or how this relates to how Crosswire handles the files?


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> Bibledit export makes OSIS files structured as Book/Chapter/Verse
> whereas the SnowFall Software conversion program generates OSIS files
> structured as Book/Section/Paragraph in which verse numbers are tagged as
> "milestones".
> There are some third party Bible software programs that can read the former
> but not the latter type of OSIS file structure. One of these is
> GoBibleCreator.
> -- David 
> Daniel Owens wrote:
>> I am trying to use usfm2osis.pl to convert some USFM files to an OSIS 
>> file for import. I was able to use the Bibledit export feature, but it 
>> doesn't preserve paragraph tags. 
>> -- 

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