[sword-devel] SWORD Reader for the PocketPC...

John zorkermobile at ameritech.net
Sat Jun 28 21:36:53 MST 2008

Thankfully, I can now get to the webservers and the ftp servers.  I now have a new challenge.

I have a number of HP Jornada 548 units which were being abandoned--and were disposed into my care.  Of these units, the ones I have tested are still in excellent shape.  The details of the OS are such:

 Microsoft Windows CE
 Version 3.0.9348 (Build 9357)
 Processor:  SHx SH3
 Memory: 31.86 MB
 Expansion Slot:  Not in use (I will add 512 MB cards)

I installed the SWORD for Pocket PC on the unit and everything went well (used the starter pack).  When I went to launch, I got the message:  'SwordReader' is not a valid Windows CE application. (Alert)
Any suggestions?


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