[sword-devel] problems with BibleCS 1.5.11

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Jun 26 23:34:35 MST 2008

There's no regression. Most of these issues have never been features.

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> I am experimenting with the just-released 1.5.11 Windows UI.  It seems
> to have problems with some modules with images.
> - GnomeSword (manual module) displays no images, but there are
> scrollbars that reflect image scrollability.

Only JPEG files are supported at this time. GnomeSword uses PNGs. (GIFs 
are also not supported. I can see some limited value writing a PNG 
decoder, but I can't see value in supporting GIF also.)

> - BAO inconsistently shows black boxes in place of an image.

I can't recreate this behavior. I paged through the first 30 entries in 
order, then another 20 or so at random and never saw any problem 
displaying images. (BAO is entirely JPEGs. I'll probably rename this 
BibleAtlasOnline and put it in public soon.)

> - SonLightFreeMaps displays no image content, but does nothing with the
> scrollbars.

PNGs again.

> - TextBookAtlas, ABSMaps, and eBibleTeacherMaps work fine, it seems.
> In any pane that contains or should have contained an image, horizontal
> scrollbars reach far enough that all textual paragraphs are one line --
> there is no textual wrapping at all.

The RTF control just isn't very good, and we don't have particularly 
good control of it.

We can have either scrollbars OR wrapping. And if we turn scrollbars 
off, it's not possible to see the whole image.

> I had one of the .11 betas installed prior to installing the new 1.5.11,
> and didn't see these problems with that, so I'm basically confused about
> this regression.  I'd like confirmation from anyone who'd care to check
> that the regression I'm seeing is not something peculiar to myself.
> Unrelated to this, and something I never thought to check with the beta
> I previously had, FarBibAtlas image content displays fine, but its
> Arabic section keys do not display correctly in the TOC as the UTF-8
> encodings that they are, *but* they display properly in the content
> window itself.  They also do not display correctly in the "About" box.

These are both known issues.

The keys issue is in the bugtracker.

The About text is due to what were improperly encoded About entries, but 
is now (instead) due to a BibleCS deficiency. (Troy and I discussed 
About encoding and decided to use UTF-8 universally and transition 
\uDDDDD?-style RTF encoding to UTF-8. We'll need to pass the About text 
through the UnicodeRTF for BibleCS and we'll need to re-issue .confs for 
those modules that are affected.)


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