[sword-devel] Beta module testing update

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jun 26 15:56:29 MST 2008

Practically all modules currently in beta have been tested on following

MacSword, BibleCS, GnomeSword, Sword Webtool and BibleDesktop

Hopefully the testing was thoroughly enough to find all significant

36 modules are marked as ready to move into the main repository or need
only minor fixes to the config file and could then immediatly released.
The conf file fixes are usually deleting non-existent options or
changing content to UTF8

12 modules have some more significiant problem with content or encoding.
If any o fthese are yours or you have a particular interest - please
helo fixing them

3 modules were only recently added and still need to undergo complete

The remainder are modules for 1.5.12 or simply experimental stuff.

If you have submitted any modules or have otherwise free time please
check the wiki pages


and help sorting out the remaining few problems.

God bless you all


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