[sword-devel] problems with BibleCS 1.5.11

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Jun 26 12:52:28 MST 2008

I am experimenting with the just-released 1.5.11 Windows UI.  It seems
to have problems with some modules with images.

- GnomeSword (manual module) displays no images, but there are
scrollbars that reflect image scrollability.

- BAO inconsistently shows black boxes in place of an image.

- SonLightFreeMaps displays no image content, but does nothing with the

- TextBookAtlas, ABSMaps, and eBibleTeacherMaps work fine, it seems.

In any pane that contains or should have contained an image, horizontal
scrollbars reach far enough that all textual paragraphs are one line --
there is no textual wrapping at all.

I had one of the .11 betas installed prior to installing the new 1.5.11,
and didn't see these problems with that, so I'm basically confused about
this regression.  I'd like confirmation from anyone who'd care to check
that the regression I'm seeing is not something peculiar to myself.

Unrelated to this, and something I never thought to check with the beta
I previously had, FarBibAtlas image content displays fine, but its
Arabic section keys do not display correctly in the TOC as the UTF-8
encodings that they are, *but* they display properly in the content
window itself.  They also do not display correctly in the "About" box.

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