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2008/6/26 Peter von Kaehne <refdoc at gmx.net>:
> I attach an email from Costas Stergiou (The Word) I just now received.

Great, thanks!

> I think this might well puts us into the clear.

Not at all, we need far more specific information.  Comments below.

> When was the oldest edition of the JFA?

Sometime around the XVII century, but it was far different from
today's.  The last public domain edition, as far as I know, is from
1911, and it is still very different — just after that there was a
major orthographic reform, but vocabulary also changed significantly.

> From: Jorge Soares [mailto:js at wordproject.org]
> As for the Portuguese text, actually, we scanned it ourselves from our old
> Portuguese Bible - it is the oldest version of Joao Ferreira de Almeida -

Jorge, please send us the edition information — at least publisher,
city and date of issue.

This is crucial, since not only the date of publication but also the
date of death of the last contributor have a say on if a text is
actually public domain.  As Bible translations are collective works,
it can be tricky to determine its status.

For instance, the Tradução Brasileira just barely made it into public
domain, since all its translators were old enough when it was
published in 1917  — and dead within a few decades from there — that
its copy rights expired just before a new Brazilian law went into
effect.  In fact even Sociedade Bíblica Brasileira thought otherwise
untill I connected the dots for them.

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