[sword-devel] Portuguese Bibles - maybe found a PD text??

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jun 25 05:31:10 MST 2008

I think the JFA as such is an old and PD translation, but does not exist
(as far as we know) in electronic format.

The problem we had was a "actualisada" version which copied + corrupted
some newer JFA version - this is floating about the net and many publish
it as PD version.

So if this Macao based website has managed to digitalise an old PD
version everything should be fine.

But I do find the whole matter a mystery and really hope for someone
knowledgable to get to the bottom. I do not advocate that we simply use
that text in any form, but I think it might just be a new angle.


David Haslam wrote:
> Contact details are given in the disclaimer page.
> http://www.wordproject.org/contact/disclaim.htm
> Author: Jorge Soares, PO Box 1735, Macau, China
> Homepage: www.wordproject.org
> Author Email Address: js at wordproject.org
> Probably a case where "One man's PD is another man's CR"?
> -- David
> Peter von Kaehne wrote:
>> In the course of an email exchange with Costas Stergieu of "The Word" he
>> told me that there are after all some PD portuguese Bibles around.
>> Specifically he gave me this link: http://www.wordproject.org/ , the
>> text of which he thinks is ancient (older than 70 years).
>> Costas has two other Portuguese translations in his repositories and is
>> again looking into their status to be absolutely sure.
>> Maybe we should explore this further?
>> Does anyone on the list speak enough Portuguese to follow this through?
>> in Him
>> Peter
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