[sword-devel] Cross-references module

Jonathan Morgan jonmmorgan at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 18:44:10 MST 2008

On 6/24/08, asrael <bergmannmd at web.de> wrote:
> IMO cross-references not necessarily need to be encoded in the bible module
> itself. It doesn't help me if some have cross-references and some don't. For
> bible study I need cross-refs everywhere for every module no matter which
> language and for which country it is. In my understanding cross-references
> are not bible translation specific and thus not module specific.
> One good source for cross-references would be fully sufficient for all bible
> modules.

The ESV gives an example of why you might want cross-references to be
version specific - they can be placed in a specific part of the text,
giving references for a specific word or phrase, rather than having a
list of cross-references for the whole verse.  TSK does similar
things, by having a list of references for a particular topic, but
this will be language specific (and the wording looks like it is
specific to the KJV), and it is further away from the context of the
verse you are reading.  You might be able to develop heuristics to put
lists of references in the right place in a verse for other versions,
but displaying it separately from the verse might be less useful in
any case.  I certainly don't see any advantage in lengthy lists of
cross-references on particular topics or themes without them being
grouped by their theme and labelled as such.


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