[sword-devel] Cross-references module

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jun 23 12:12:56 MST 2008

Dear Manfred,

Try adding this line to the tsk.conf file:


asrael wrote:
> Troy A. Griffitts wrote:
>> Manfred,
>> You can get all the xrefs from an entry by grabbing the note type xref 
>> entry attributes.  Have a look at sword/examples/cmdline/lookup.cpp  Run 
>> it on the ESV like this:
>> ./lookup ESV jn1.1
>> it dynamically iterates the entry attributes. You'll see how the xrefs 
>> are stored.  Once you know what attributes you want, you don't have to 
>> use the dynamic code, it's easier to just use something like:
>> SWBuf fnNumber;
>> int i = 1;
>> while (true) {
>>    fnNumber.setFormatted("%d", i);
>>    SWBuf type =
>> module->getEntryAttributes()["Footnote"][fnNumber]["type"];
>>    if (!type.length()) break;
>>    if (type == "crossReference") {
>>      SWBuf refList = 
>> module->getEntryAttributes()["Footnote"][fnNumber]["refList"];
>>    }
>> }
>> That should do it.  You might have to add a little more error checking, 
>> in case no footnotes at all exist for an entry, but should give you what 
>> you want.
> Hi Troy.
> You are refering to modules that have xrefs encoded?
> I used the 'lookup' tool with the TSK module but it seems it doesn't have
> crossReference tags.
> Well, quite understandable, this module is a collection of xrefs.
> But it also contains a lot of text which I can't use and display for none
> english speakers.
> So I would like to pull out the cross-reference keys only but how to
> distinguish between a reference in a comment/text and the real
> cross-references in this module.
> Maybe it would be best to do that at module source level but I'm not sure.
> IMO cross-references not necessarily need to be encoded in the bible module
> itself. It doesn't help me if some have cross-references and some don't. For
> bible study I need cross-refs everywhere for every module no matter which
> language and for which country it is. In my understanding cross-references
> are not bible translation specific and thus not module specific.
> One good source for cross-references would be fully sufficient for all bible
> modules.
> Regards,
> Manfred

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