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Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Fri Jun 20 13:11:41 MST 2008

Dear Brother Younas,

Thank you for your inspiring and kind words.

We indeed welcome any kind of collaboration to translate the Crosswire
software and to import Christian teaching material of quality into this
software for the benefit of Christians and Not-yet-Christians in your
country and others.

Just to clarify though, our ministry is totally voluntarily, unfunded
and unpaid, nor can it provide any kind of financial support to anyone
or any other ministry.

Yours in Christ

Peter von Kaehne

Marcus Younas wrote:
> Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
> God Bless You!
> First of all, I would like to greatly appreciate you for your
> tremendous work for the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ through your
> ministry for reaching out to various nations, cultures, or faith
> groups in the world through teaching and preaching the true message of
> the Gospel.
> Let me tell you something about myself first. I am an Anglican
> Christian aged 37 from Multan, Pakistan. I accepted Christ at the age
> of 22 (15 years ago) when I faced death right in front of me when a
> religious terrorist mob attacked the Christian Village of Shanti Nagar
> (Distt. Khanewal) in Pakistan. I was working there as a school
> teacher. At that time, while praying, I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as
> my Savior and HE really did protect me from the hands of the religious
> fanatics. From that time, I offered my life with complete devotion of
> my mind, soul and heart to serve the Lord.
> During my 18 years services till now, I have worked in various
> positions with different organizations and institutions. The major
> focus remained the development of people in both social and religious
> sectors. Apart from this, I have been working as a translator of two
> major languages of South Asia i.e. Urdu and Punjabi which is widely
> spoken in major parts of South Asia. I have worked as a translator
> with many national and international ministries while staying at home
> through work at home opportunities. My major work experience includes
> translation of Bible Commentaries by Dr. Bob Utely, Professor of
> Hermeneutics, Marshal, TX, USA which are posted at
> http://www.freebiblecommentary.org I have complete command on 3
> languages i.e. English, Urdu and Punjabi and I can do any kind of
> translation, audio recording and video recording in the above
> mentioned languages with complete professional requirements.
> I have completed Masters Degree in English Literature from Bahauddin
> Zikriya University, Multan – Pakistan. Apart from this I completed
> Diploma Course in Community Development Work from Asian Social
> Institute, Manila, Philippines. Moreover, I have also attended
> numerous national and international training seminars and workshop to
> enhance my professional skills for my services. I attend St. Mary's
> Cathedral, Diocese of Multan, Church of Pakistan.
> Currently, I am working on a small educational ministry to empower
> Christian community of my area in the education sector. As, I believe
> that education is the only tool, which could bring our poverty
> stricken Christians closer to the Gospel and also to get rid of the
> situation where they are discriminated in all spheres of life by the
> majority population of our country i.e. Muslims.
> My purpose is not to earn through translation work but to raise
> necessary funds to continue the work of our small education ministry.
> So, I have a firm faith that if granted a work from you, Lord will
> surely provide me reasonable enough from you to continue what I have
> in my mind for the upliftment of our poor Christian kids through
> educational empowerment.
> I am hopeful that keeping in view our dire need and the above
> mentioned details, you will surely provide me a chance to serve your
> sacred mission through offering me translation work of your Christian
> material from English to Urdu or either Punjabi, so that more and more
> people of South Asia could know about your Christian Services for
> preaching the Word of God.
> Looking forward to hear from you soon.
> With prayers and kind regards.
> Joyfully Serving in Lord Jesus Christ,
> Marcus Younas,
> Street No. 6, New Naqashband Colony, Khanewal Road,
> Multan 60000 – Pakistan.
> Phone: +92-300-7365783, +92-61-8123614
> E-mail: marcus.younas at gmail.com, marcusyounas at hotmail.com
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