[sword-devel] GerAugustinus

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Fri Jun 20 08:05:13 MST 2008

I suppose we'll have to get Troy to clarify our position.

DM Smith wrote:
> I may have misunderstood, but I understood that Troy already spoke on  
> this saying that SWORD allowed UTF-8 in RTF as an extension (I think  
> this was also stated on the old Module Making page) and that the  
> encoding of the conf had to match the encoding of the module.  
> Certainly \u#####? is ASCII, so it is valid in all encodings.

We do UTF-8 to RTF transcoding for texts, but we've never used that for 
the About text in BibleCS. Troy did point to using RTFHTML for 
translation of the RTF to HTML, but it doesn't actually convert RTF 
encoded UTF-16 to UTF-8.

> According to the Wiki, both are allowed in RTF but UTF-8 is preferred.  
> Granted, I authored this, but I was reflecting what I thought I  
> understood.
> We already have a bunch of release modules with UTF-8 in the conf's  
> About field. And more coming in beta.

I'm mindful of this. One way or another, a bunch of .confs will need to 
be translated to the other encoding format.


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