[sword-devel] Beta module testers for Sword's BibleTool

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 19 10:45:43 MST 2008

We should also test the beta modules in the BibleTool (aka swordweb)

I have put up the beta modules in the BibleTool reachable at:
(Note, this is built from trunk not tagged 1.5.11. I presume that there 
are few differences. Let me know if I need to rebuild against 1.5.11)

This also has two Bibles that are not in "public" beta, but in "private" 
beta: NASB and LBLA.

As you test these modules, update 
with your findings.

Use "SW" (or SwordWeb) for the BibleTool.

We have been using MS, GS, BibleCS, BD for MacSword, GnomeSword, The 
SWORD Project for Windows, and Bible Desktop, respectively.

In Him,

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