[sword-devel] iphone license

Nathan Youngman junkmail at nathany.com
Thu Jun 19 09:52:28 MST 2008

Well, Apple finally accepted me for the developer program... not sure  
if this license (Jun 8th) is any different than before concerning FOSS:

"If Your Application includes any FOSS, You agree to comply with all  
applicable FOSS licensing terms. You also agree not to use any FOSS in  
development of Your Application in such a way that would cause the non- 
FOSS portions of the Apple Software to be subject to any FOSS  
licensing terms or obligations."

"...not conflict with the digital signing or content protection  
aspects of the Program or any of the terms, conditions or requirements  
of the Program or this Agreement..."

[in that regard, I believe GPL v3 conflicts with digital signing, but  
Sword is GPL v2]


Nathan Youngman
Web: http://www.nathany.com

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