[sword-devel] Jub oddities

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Thu Jun 19 06:39:45 MST 2008

There are a bunch of things that seem peculiar about content at
upper-level keys.

First, why is there a single top-level key "/Jub"?  If there is no
actual division at that level, why does that level exist?

Bible references are causing minor difficulty.  /Jub/2 contains:
<reference osisRef="Gen.1-2">[=Gen.1-2]</reference>
But GS cannot get a verse list out of this.

The <title> content at the /Jub/DIGITS level is very inconsistent.  Many
contain strings such as "[=4Q216]" in varying degrees of complexity
(e.g. /Jub/23) along with a Gen reference, many contain *only* a Gen
reference (e.g. /Jub/6), and sometimes apparent verse content bleeds
into these sections (e.g. /Jub/35, /Jub/38).  Is this intended?

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