[sword-devel] Luther1545

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Jun 18 14:43:09 MST 2008

> It appears there's no ISO 639-3 code for Fnhd. I'll draw up a change 
> request to see if we can get a new code. If not, we should add a subtag 
> to the language of GerLut1545 to separate it from the real Nhd. material.

Not sure whether I like this. Luther and his German is so much part of
our culture, to separate him out as somehow unreadable, only for
scholars, feels totally wrong. Giving the date of the translation is IMO
enough to keep it apart.

The orthographical changes are actually rather few, fairly systematic
and easy to get used to. It is not that his language is hugely different
- e.g. if he would walk into a room today and start speaking any modern
German should understand him without much problem - unlike e.g. Chaucer
and modern English.


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