[sword-devel] Python binding issue: non-default constructor in class without a constructor

Pierre Amadio pierre.amadio at laposte.net
Tue Jun 17 10:00:45 MST 2008

Hi there.

I'm trying to compile sword 1.5.11 as well as the python binding for the
maemo platform. Things were working smoothly with 1.5.10, but i run into
troubles when trying to compile this with the sword 1.5.11.

Somes details about what happened are available here:


Most of the problem i encouter seems to be due to the fact that en
environment i have to use already comes with it s own swig version and i
have trouble overriding this version.

But, even when i (think i) succeed in doing so, i meet another problem:

rendercallback.h:189: error: base `sword::BasicFilterUserData' with only non-default constructor in class without a constructor
rendercallback.h:212: error: base `sword::BasicFilterUserData' with only non-default constructor in class without a constructor

I also had the same error when i get rid of the swig version available
in scracthbox the easy way (renaming executable and directory) so i was
sure it will not be taken in account.

Now, at both those lines in rendercallback.h, a comment states

// trick SWIG into thinking this is not inherited from an inner class...

I do not know why i can hit this problem only in scratchox and not on a
vanilla debian (where compilations works without those error message).

Could it be the "trick" is not working as expected ?

I know nearly nothing about c++, so i m only guessing, but would adding
a constructor in BasicFilterUserData class be an option ?

There does not seem to be one in swbasicfilter.h 

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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