[sword-devel] Bible Chapter Titles?

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 18:23:10 MST 2008

I'm looking through the mod2osis.cpp file, trying to bring its output
closer into the form of the module inputs (basing it off of the result
of running the tool as compared to the KJV input files).  So far I
seem to have the following problems - I can't seem to find where (or
if) the following information is maintained and retrieved from the
Sword API:

1) Where is the equivalent information from the OSIS block below
maintained?  Is it maintained?  There is brief mention of Strongs data
and such in the .conf file, but is that enough to go off of to
recreate this information in general?  Perhaps this information should
be part of a standard .xsl file which we include in tools avialable
for module creators to run.  Have it output a basic .conf file with
the information from the OSIS document and preserve information like
this in it somewhere?

<   <work osisWork="strong">
<     <refSystem>Dict.Strongs</refSystem>
<   </work>
<   <work osisWork="robinson">
<     <refSystem>Dict.Robinsons</refSystem>
<   </work>
<   <work osisWork="strongMorph">
<     <refSystem>Dict.strongMorph</refSystem>
<   </work>

2. Chapter titles?
How do you test for the presence of a chapter title?  In the following
block, the chapter title itself is easy enough to recreate but at the
expense of portability to someone else who wants to give
chapterTitle="The E Creation Tale" or some such thing, but I can't
find access to the information maintained in the <title...> tag.  Is
this information maintained, and if so, how is it accessed?  It seems
like it would be useful to have, as many Bible editors insert
information like this into the the flow of the text.

< <title type="main">THE FIRST BOOK OF MOSES CALLED GENESIS</title>
< <chapter osisID="Gen.1" chapterTitle="CHAPTER 1.">

3. Milestoneable verse boundaries?
It doesn't seem that mod2osis has any support for milestone verse
tags, is this correct?  How would one programaticly detect this, as
well as other milestone elements?  Somewhere, though, it's producing
output like this:
<milestone type="x-extra-p"/>
Is that coming from the markup filter?  That's the only explanation I
can find for it.  However, I'm not sure that there's an example of
milestone-support in the KJV document which can be used for testing
that support.

I'll pass along other questions as I see them.


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