[sword-devel] LXXM module crashes Gnomesword

Troy A. Griffitts scribe at crosswire.org
Mon Jun 16 13:34:24 MST 2008

The newly committed code is very preliminary.  The first milestone is 
for frontends to need no changes to support these modules as "Biblical 
Texts" using KJV versification.  Obviously we have not hit this 
milestone yet, but we've made steps toward it.

It SHOULD be the case that if you remove the KeyType=VerseKey from the 
.conf file, then these Bibles should show up as GenBook modules again, 
and function like they had previously.

As far as the reason the usrinst.sh changed: I've been working on the 
engine and don't want the tests and utils to recompile each time I make 
a change and test.  AND when I committed, I just committed my entire 
tree of changes.  I probably should have NOT committed this file.

Though.... It would be nice if most all settings in usrinst.sh were 
defaulted in the build system, so then, basically, if any of the lines 
were uncommented, we would know that this is not the standard shipping 
dafault value.  But then... we might not need usrinst.sh then-- accept 
maybe for the paths.

Karl Kleinpaste wrote:
> Indeed, any of the new VerseKey modules cause a crash in GnomeSword.
> Per-chapter display begins by accessing the last verse of the previous
> chapter: Verse selected in SWModule *mod using (*mod)--, text then
> obtained from *mod.
> #0  0x0811dc89 in sword::SWBuf::set (this=0xb900800, newVal=@0xbfd1fa60) at ../include/swbuf.h:176
> #1  0x081af051 in sword::RawGenBook::getRawEntryBuf (this=0x9c18638) at ../src/modules/genbook/rawgenbook/rawgenbook.cpp:106
> #2  0x081c129c in sword::SWModule::RenderText (this=0x9c18638, buf=0x0, len=-1, render=true) at ../src/modules/swmodule.cpp:781
> #3  0x080f8a9a in sword::SWModule::operator char const* (this=0x9c18638) at ../include/swmodule.h:668
> #4  0x080f7196 in GTKChapDisp::getVerseBefore (this=0xa884a10, imodule=@0xa61c218) at display.cc:868
> #5  0x080f5e9b in GTKChapDisp::Display (this=0xa884a10, imodule=@0xa61c218) at display.cc:1348
> #6  0x081be553 in sword::SWModule::Display (this=0xa61c218) at ../src/modules/swmodule.cpp:287
> #7  0x081187f0 in main_display_bible (mod_name=0xb980870 "KJVgb", key=0xb9c0c58 "1Cor 8:3") at sword.cc:1172
> If it's a plain bug, that's life, so here's a failure case to debug.
> If GS' usage is becoming invalid in the brave new world of VerseKey
> modules, I'm sure we'd all like to be informed of the API changes
> that will be needed.
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