[sword-devel] Status report : testing modules in beta

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Jun 16 01:47:31 MST 2008

Practically all modules in beta are now tested for structural soundness,
conf file consistency, declared features working, display in GS. The
rest will be done this pm.

Display in MacSword is out of my reach as I do not have a Mac.

Display in BibleCS -if someone could do this on an existing installation
would be great

Display in BibleDesktop - I will start with this this pm.

Display in Bibletime - if someone could do this on an existing
installation - this would be grate

Display in Studytool - is it possible to call up beta modules? If so,
could someone please drop me a hint?

If the results hold up in the other frontends about 2/3 of the modules
could be released immediately, while the remainder are test modules (a
few) or have bugs, some serious, some maybe (hopefully) easily fixed.

Please check out (and contribute to ) the web page on the wiki:



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