[sword-devel] LXXM & DRCgb modules in beta

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Jun 15 13:45:45 MST 2008

The LXXM & DRCgb modules are TreeKey-based Bibles. Troy committed some 
basic VerseTreeKey code yesterday, so I put the two existing 
VerseTreeKey Bibles in beta with the correct KeyType value to trigger 
the new code. The modules themselves are fine, but the code is still 

These might not be the best modules to test with, given that they pose 
additional challenges, having non-KJV versification. So I'm uploading 
KJVgb to beta (look for it soon) so that we can test with a simpler module.

Obviously Sword itself still will need some work to make using these 
modules possible. Quite possibly frontends will need work too.


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