[sword-devel] beta module problem or gnomeswords?

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Thu Jun 12 02:33:55 MST 2008

Am 12.06.2008 um 10:19 schrieb Peter von Kaehne:

> Just had a look at GerAlbrecht in the beta repo in Gnomesword.
> There are two problems with it, one of which is relevant for this  
> list:
> 1) The module is Psalms and NT. At the moment some of the psalms  
> content
> is accessible with any reference prior to psalms - e.g. Genesis 1 will
> bring up the intro to Psalms. Genesis 8 will bring up the intro to  
> Psalm
> 8 - but not the content.
> I am not sure whether this is an encoding problem or a GS problem in
> dealing with Chapter 0/verse 0 info - or even a swordlib problem.

This is not the case in MacSword.
"Gen 8" i.e. brings me to nowhere.

The books start at Psalms but all the books between Psalms and NT are  
shown although there is no content.
Psalms and NT seems to work as it should.


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