[sword-devel] Eastern Armenian Bible - was testing modules in beta

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Jun 9 18:34:28 MST 2008

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> The Armenian Eastern Bible is seriously defect - only Genesis, Leviticus
> and the four Gospels. The config file does not reflect this and needs
> updating

It's common to translate the parts of a Bible one finds most important 
first. In this case, presumably the translator (or the person who 
commissioned its translation) thought Genesis, Exodus, Sirach and the 
Gospels were the most important. There's no text missing from our 
immediate upstream provider and only Sirach is missing from the original 

I'll add some additional details to the .conf when I've had a chance to 
wade through the description in Russian.

> This link suggests the whole Bible is available - though I can not
> ascertain its copyright status.
> http://www.armenianchurchlibrary.com/files/easternarmenianbible/
> Anyone with Armenian friends please check this out

I think "© ... 1994" makes it pretty clear.


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