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Daniel Owens dhowens at pmbx.net
Mon Jun 9 18:32:54 MST 2008

Karl's idea of configurable extensibility is exactly right, and DM's 
idea below is one great way to do it. I think putting functionality at 
the fingertips of the user is all about the menu that pops up with a 
right click. For example, GS's approach to dictionaries is excellent in 
that the user doesn't have to select the desired dictionary from the 
module tree before right-clicking on a word to look up a definition. 
Even better would be the option to define default dictionaries for each 
language, not just for Strongs.

Another option would be the sidebar idea DM mentioned, using a tree 
structure. This could be called up with a specific menu/icon option. 
Inspired by a proprietary program, I like the idea of the user having 
the option to utilize a Passage Study Assistant and a Word Study 
Assistant. The idea of the Passage Study Assistant is you enter a 
passage (a verse or a set of verses), and the results include perhaps a 
parallel Bible display of versions you have selected in some options 
menu, a list of all the Greek or Hebrew words in that passage (that 
would need to be displayed a verse at a time, perhaps using a tree 
structure in the sidebar) which would give access to dictionaries, a set 
of links to commentaries that comment on that passage, and a set of 
links to places where cross-references to that passage show up in 
commentaries and genbooks. A Word Study Assistant would be more focused 
on a search based on a word with links to dictionaries and search 
results in the Bible. That way the user can opt for a more extensive 
study assistant if that is what he or she wants or can just do a simple 
search if that's all that is desired.


DM Smith wrote:
> The other thought I had, was to have a robust context menu such that if 
> the user were to right click within a verse or on a selection of verses, 
> the would get neat things they can do with that, such as:
> Find a short prioritized list of similar verses found by searching the 
> lucene index for the words/Strong's numbers in these verses.
> Find all entries in all works that have a cross reference that includes 
> these verses.
> Find all verses in this work that have a cross reference to this verse.
> ....
> Obviously, these would have to be shortened a little bit. :)
> In Him,
>     DM
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