[sword-devel] EarlyFathers Genbook and the ability to search genbooks

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Mon Jun 9 05:22:57 MST 2008

Daniel Owens <dhowens at pmbx.net> writes:
> Shame on me for not knowing GS better (I've just never been a fan of
> Gnome's look). 

Hardly a cause for shame, I surely don't know enough about BT, either,
for exactly the same reason.

> I really like the advanced search dialog (I never knew it was there!),
> though a "search all modules" or something like that would be nice to
> save time.

Um.  Not necessarily a good idea, for those who keep most everything
installed.  Even single-language lists might not help a lot.

$ ls -1 ~/.sword/mods.d|wc -l
$ grep -l Lang=en ~/.sword/mods.d/*|wc -l

I install all modules but the non-English dictionaries.  I have always
tended to work for thoroughly international companies and I like being
able to show what our software can do -- that whole "be prepared in
season and out of season" thing, 2Tim 4:2, and I've impressed more than
a couple people by having Chinese, Filipino, and Farsi Bibles on hand.
I have about 2G under ~/.sword but disc space costs nothing.

> Would it be too hard to create a "verse list" so that one could save
> the search results and view them later. That way you could make full
> use of cross references, dictionaries, and such when viewing search
> results.

Our feature taxonomy is not quite orthogonally complete: In sidebar
search, a verse list result can be saved as a bookmark set, but the same
can't be done out of Adv.Search.  We should address that sometime.

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