[sword-devel] EarlyFathers Genbook

Brian J. Dumont bdumont at ameritech.net
Sun Jun 8 12:30:59 MST 2008

> If this is one huge module it's not a big problem because casual readers
> will avoid it and people can see what it is. It's also easy to add a
> notice in the About section. However, if the module is chopped in pieces
> it's harder to say whether some module is part of this compilation or a
> respectable work on its own. A notice in About section is again good.
> But it should be decided on case by case basis by someone who knows the
> content.
I'd strongly be in favor of a notice in the About section that this
module contains a wide swath of texts of interest to Biblical scholars,
including documents that have historically and currently are considered
heretical as well as documents which have been widely accepted in
mainstream Christianity. 

I see no need to try to sort out which ones are and which are not
acceptable; but the fact that we have an "unorthodox" category and have
*not* placed this text into that category is sufficient reason to add a

I don't think it's a totally fair to compare "Pilgrim's Progress" to
"The Gospel of Thomas"; they are of a totally different nature.  One
purports to be historical fact and one does not.  I agree that we all
need to learn to think more critically, and wouldn't consider removing
these documents; they have a very real place in Biblical study and are a
great addition to Sword's library.  Nonetheless it is appropriate to
give a disclaimer.

My $0.02,

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