[sword-devel] Some new modules

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Jun 7 14:24:20 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> The choice of a CHM file over CCEL's ThML surprises me a bit. I don't 
> know whether the CHM uses CCEL's or New Advent's version of the Early 
> Church Fathers, but the former is most probably the best source around 
> since it came from Logos (who proofread it) and it has since been 
> proofread by CCEL volunteers. And it's almost certainly got richer 
> markup in ThML compared to the CHM.

Karl has already written something about this. The THML modules from
CCEL are indeed much better marked up and have a lot of features which
make them probably more interesting. But I found both Tertullian.org and
the module on CCEL only after I had send the CHM link to Karl + Karl had
made the modules already.

But aside from this initial sequence of events, there is a reason why I
would hesitate to get involved with the CCEL texts - The copyright
situation of CCEL modules in ThML is very confusing to me.

Every single module I downloaded so far has a Public Domain assertion
within the souce code. BUT if you read the central CCEL copyright
statements you will find that they are asserting copyrights on all XML
modules and forbid expressly under punsihment of death and damnation any
distribution etc. I would call this contradictory at the least. If you
can reconcile it and resolve my confusion I would be extremely grateful  .

>> btw you may like to split the module into one module per volume since
>> it is that big!

I think the best solution would be to split it along lines of author +/-
book. Also a fair number of these books are actually commentaries. I
think it would be really cool to have those texts also encoded as a
commentary module. If I have some free time I will try and do so.


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