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Jerold Haas jeroldhaas at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 06:36:02 MST 2008

Those in the list:

    I have been using Windows version of sword project for quite a while,
and currently using v1.59. I have noticed what appears to be an XML parsing
issue (Psalms 82:2) that appears to have inappropriately inserted raw XML in
it. I'm using KJV module. Here's the snippet of XML that I'm seeing:

*<w savlm="strong:H04210" wn="001">A Psalm</w> <w savlm="strong:H0623"
wn="002">of Asaph</w>.* *(full-stop or period included in the text of the
parsing error)*

    These XML mis-parsings are strife among the KJV module, and was
wondering if this was a feature not yet implemented in lower-level parsing
libs, or if the module itself was not created correctly.

    Additionally, I have very little of the structure of the SWORD
architecture, and would be elated to know if there is / are any
documentation or white-sheets on the architecture of the SWORD framework. I
realize that there are links on the crosswire website, but haven't been able
to find any information.

    I can read source code, but where can I get a version of Windows-based
Sword that I might compile with Visual Studio. Makefiles and some other
aspects of the project indicate that I cannot compile in Visual Studio.

    Any help would be appreciated.

Jerold Haas

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

Jerold Haas
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