[sword-devel] Hungarian Károli Bible - double acute accented vowels

David Haslam d.haslam at ukonline.co.uk
Fri Jun 6 10:59:41 MST 2008

The HunKar module has four incorrectly encoded characters for what should be
the double acute accented vowels. These are the "ő" and "ű" characters, and
capitals "Ő" and "Ű". They require correcting by the following replacements:

õ -> ő
û -> ű
Õ -> Ő
Û -> Ű

The character counts are (respectively):

The HunKar Module Version is 1.2 (2002-03-02). This probably indicates that
the same electronic text was used as found in the Unbound Bible project of
Biola University. The ThML file at CCEL was also derived from the same
source, so it is likely that the vast majority of electronic copies of the
Károli Bible on the worldwide web have the same problem. It's conceivable
that some suppliers of proprietary Bible software may have spotted this
already and made suitable corrections.  I haven't checked any of these.

The incorrect codings probably arose from the use of a legacy font, in which
the double acute accented vowels were represented by ANSII codes that are
usually reserved for Latin characters not required by Hungarian. This must
all date back to before the file conversion to Unicode.

For further background reading, please see

I am grateful to the webmaster of  http://www.predikacio.hu/ Prédikációk és
tanítások a Biblia alapján  for bringing this to my attention by means of
the  http://jolon.org/vanillaforum/comments.php?DiscussionID=610 Go Bible
Forum .

-- David

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