[sword-devel] GenBook key issues

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Fri Jun 6 06:18:31 MST 2008

Manfred Bergmann <bergmannmd at web.de> writes:
> I'm testing a little with some GenBooks and trying to fix issues.
> All GenBooks work pretty good in MacSword except Institues and Heretics.
> All others fail. I noticed that all of them end with a space
> character. The two that work do not.

Not that I expect Manfred to be aware of the history, but as has been
pointed out repeatedly for almost 18 months, Institutes, Heretics, and
Finney all have problems with being modules that were built before Sword
key handling became aggressive about leading and trailing spaces.  New
Sword code cannot cope with older modules with such a problem.

The fix is to dump and re-import the modules, by the process of which
Sword will aggressively eliminate the excess spaces...an effort of all
of perhaps 90 seconds apiece.

Immediate fix on your own machine:
$ cd ~/.sword/modules/genbook/rawgenbook/finney # or equivalent in MacOS.
$ mod2imp Finney > finney.imp
$ imp2gbs finney.imp
$ rm finney.imp
And equivalently for Heretics and Institutes.
Restart your UI and you're done.

While we're at it, someone could try to explain to me why Finney
contains pix/lambeau_at_sunset.jpg, an odd artifact about which I have
asked questions several times in the last 2 years.

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