[sword-devel] http://karl.kleinpaste.org/sword/scripts/ do not work with arabic life application bible

Frank fchimes at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jun 1 01:32:50 MST 2008

John H. wrote:
> http://www.biblegateway.com/versions/index.php?action=getVersionInfo&vid=28 
> <http://www.biblegateway.com/versions/index.php?action=getVersionInfo&vid=28>
> Biblegateway does not have the copyright.  IBS does. 
> Read the copyright information right there:
> *Copyright Information*
> These Scriptures have been made available on the Internet for your 
> personal use only. Any other use including, but not limited to, 
> copying or re-posting the Scripture on the Internet is prohibited. 
> These Scriptures may not be altered or modified in any form but must 
> remain in their original context.

Surely converting them to a Sword module constitutes altering or 
modifying their form and is, as such, *explicitly* forbidden?

> These Scriptures may not be sold or otherwise offered for sale--to 
> include online banner ads that encapsulate linkages to these 
> Scriptures for the purpose of selling online ad space. These 
> Scriptures are free for all online use.
> These Scriptures are not public domain. These Scriptures are not 
> shareware and may not be duplicated. 

Converting to a Sword module is a form of duplication...

Unless your license *explicitly* gives you that right, overruling the 
copyright notice (is that even possible?), then the conversion is a 
copyright infringement.  I don't believe one needs to be a lawyer to 
understand such explicit instructions...



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