[sword-devel] Migrating to the eVC 4.0 Environment

Albert L. Sites, Sr. al at sitesclan.com
Mon Jul 21 15:57:30 MST 2008

I debug directly on my Motorola Q using VS2005. I have also run the debugger
on other devices. It works nice, and in my opinion, is faster than in an




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It should work with a real device. I have not tried it myself though, but I
have set it up to work that way on my machine so that I could run a memory
leak detector on SwordReader.
In Christ,
David Trotz

SonWon wrote: 

Will the VS2005 debugger work with a real device or just an emulator?
David Trotz wrote:


On a side question but related, what is VC2005 used for, can you compile 
Mobile projects with VS2005?

 MSVC2005 can compile apps for Windows Mobile devices. Its what I use 
most of the time for SwordReader development since it has a superior 
debugger and interface. But it is quite costly which is why we keep the 
eVC 3 project support alive.
In Christ,
David Trotz
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