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Sun Jul 20 13:10:28 MST 2008


Thanks to all those working on SwordReader & SmartSword
  Here are my initial thoughts:
1.  Great icon in my menu!
2.  Came up quickly with KJV Gen 1:1
3.  Font was too small to read.  I had to get my glasses...   Compare with 
Olive Tree  BibleReader
     (User can adjust this later so bigger is better  than smaller.  Also you 
want to show off the italics.)
4.  Navigation: Try to get all 66 books on one page.  If you  had kept the 
small font ...:)
     Separate OT from NT by color or such.    Compare with Olive Tree 
5.  Chap and Book fine but it took a long time to bring up text -  BCV should 
be indexed don't you think?
    I hope we don't search thru the text to get BCV.   Even by Book it takes 
long to reach Ps. 150:1.     
    FYI - I could not get to chap [150] because I could  not press [More >>] 
button. (compare...)
6.  I like the titles,  I like the italics,  I love the WOC  in red! The 
rendering is a great selling point!
7.   Scrolling is cool,  but lost in the shuffle because of 3, 4, 5.   and  
9!  more later.
8.  Find:  (I have a preference for "Search") but I could do nothing in this  
screen. I'm assuming we are
   waiting for soText.  Or it just does not work on my  Q.   Would not accept 
text. Radio buttons locked.
9. Second  time I opened the icon I got  Error  Could not open. ...  (this  
happened again & again & again...)
    ot.bzv error:32
    Then   KJV Gen:    appears...
              1:1 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []  2 [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []  3 
[] []  [] [] [] [] [] [] []  ...    brackets are boxes I  think
    in Task Manager the  following were running:
     KJV  Gen 1:1
     KJV   Joh  2:1
   Once I Killed these I could run SwordReader again
 I hope  some of this helps. With that great rendering, we are heading toward 
a  great product!
 I can  see you have put in much cool work. Keep it up.
In His  Grace,

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