[sword-devel] French Bible Bovet Bonnet module - missing ligatures "œ"

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jul 19 13:40:54 MST 2008

Thanks; it's all fixed now.

The problem was that the oe-lig was encoded as "œ", which will 
appear fine in HTML-based frontends (but can't be searched) and will 
disappear from view in BibleCS.


David Haslam wrote:
> In the module called FreBBB, all French words that should contain the
> ligature "œ" have this codepoint (U+0153) missing.  Examples: in the words
> cœur ("heart"), sœur ("sister"), œuf ("egg"), œuvre ("work") and œil
> ("eye").
> This is probably due to an scripting error in converting the text from la
> Bible Annotée.
> -- David

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